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Irene’s Taverna is the closest, approximately 3 minutes by car, and situated on the main road just past the mini-market and the garage. Irene is a well-known lady in these parts of the island. She has run this taverna since she was young, which is very popular with Greeks and foreigners. Her very kind and hardworking grandson Yiannis is running the restaurant now with his grandma sitting by his side, teaching him from the best! The menu is very typically Greek, and helpings are large – Chicken & potatoes, Lamb & potatoes, Pastitsio (minced beef with cheese & pasta), Moussaka, Souvlaki (kebab of either pork or chicken), Pork chops or Pancetta, Stifado (beef or rabbit in a tasty gravy), etc. All of which are delicious. They also serve meat from the BBQ. Meals are served without vegetables, so a side order or a Greek salad is recommended. The local wine served in carafes is very reasonable, and we prefer the White as the Red is slightly bitter. A word of advice: enjoy a drink and maybe some feta & olives before you order your meal as the food, if ordered as soon as you sit down, comes immediately and all together! Greek people tend to have a table full of food and sit chatting and eating for hours; food is often served warm rather than hot! Irene is happy for you to go into the kitchen and look at the dishes on offer. Unless you are starving, don’t bother with dessert as you will get either a small, sweet pastry or fruit after you have asked for the bill together with à glass of ‘Raki’ or ‘tsikoudia’, the local clear alcohol, strong and with an acquired taste that is well worth acquiring! You’ll find this custom in most restaurants on Crete Island. Prices are very reasonable too.


It is a friendly and traditional Cafenion and Mini Market, serving Greek pies, snacks, and coffee; a small but well stocked Mini Market is open early and closes late. Situated a short walk from Irene’s restaurant.


It is a friendly and traditional cafenion in Chorafakia village (3 minutes by car from villas), serving Greek snacks, coffee, and drinks, and it is open until midnight. It is the perfect pit stop for a quick sit down or takeaway coffee, situated on the crossroad right opposite Irene’s restaurant. During the day, you will meet locals taking their coffee there. It offers Wi-Fi, and you can start your day with cold or hot coffee.


Just outside the village, down the hill heading towards Kalathas beach (5 minutes by car from villas). It’s the perfect place for a stop if you fancy a great coffee and a light brunch or lunch. It has tasty baguettes, pastries, and also smoothies. The club sandwich with chips is highly recommended. There’s a good set with sea views or mountains and plenty of easy parking.


It is a restaurant just outside the village on the road heading to Stavros. Their terrace also has a lovely sunset and a view of the hills. It’s the ideal place to eat for a local experience and authentic food. It is not as crowded as other places in the area, and you can have a chill time enjoying the beautiful sunset with your loved ones. They have a parking lot, too. The owners are really lovely, and you get a free 1.5l water to the meal, and at the end, you get dessert and ‘raki’ on the house.


It is a bar/restaurant just a few minutes walk towards Stavros from Irene’s and opposite the car hire company. It is a friendly bar with reasonably priced food and a great atmosphere. They often have Karaoke and live music evenings.


On the hill, a 5 min walk heading towards Tersanas beach (middle of the village), part of the Tersanas village apartments complex.  This is one of our favorites for lunch, owned and run by Maria and her family. We have beautiful sunsets in this area, and the terrace outside is a place to sit and enjoy them. The food is delicious, cheap, and typically Greek, consisting of oven meals and grills. The owner, Maria, is an excellent cook and has published her cookbook. There is a bar at the pool, and all are welcome to use the pool any time of the day. The pool is also available for diners in the evening, and the pool cocktail bar is lively, often with live entertainment. The bar closes quite late most evenings.

Tersanas Beach Bar

It is situated on the beach at Tersanas. Owned and run by an English woman, serving drinks and essential snacks. Friendly, with good views out over the small bay and harbour, sunbeds and parasols, and a small kiosk sitting area covered with palm leaves.

Tersanas Fish Restaurant

It is a little restaurant further from the beach, set above the rocks at the end of the small Tersanas harbour. It boasts a good menu, including a variety of local fish. It is a delightful restaurant with tables on the rocks overlooking the bay.


Just outside the village, down the hill, heading towards Chania (7 minutes by car from villas). An excellent restaurant and a lovely beach, this area is one of the most popular beaches and tends to fill up with Greek families late in the afternoons. The restaurant serves a large selection of dishes, including fish. The bar even serves cocktails. During the summer, they sometimes have traditional Greek music on Friday nights.

The Fish Restaurant

It is at Kalathas, on the left, up the hill towards Kounoupidiana, past the beach on your right. The menu, as the name suggests, also has other food. It is a lovely setting, with the tables arranged on different levels, looking out towards the West, good for sunsets.


Nothing to do with the above! If you drive to Stavros Beach and carefully follow the signs for Sunset Beach, you will have to drive through a small street of houses. You will arrive at a tranquil little beach; the beach bar has sunbeds and parasols outside, all covered with palm leaves. The menu is relatively small, and the prices can be steep for this area, but it is ideal for daytime snacks or an evening meal. The Dacos here is, in our opinion, the best around. It’s worth a try and a pleasant spot for a peaceful drink & snack. A Mythos beer or carafe of local white wine and honey Raki, a quiet beach even in high summer. What more could you ask?


Head towards Stavros and follow the signs for Blue Beach. Right on the beach, this restaurant has a good selection of dishes and lovely views. The sun beds in front are free and a nice place to spend a day on the beach.


Located at Stavros, this is a very traditional Greek restaurant, open-air, but the whole area is covered by vines, giving a wonderfully local feel. Speaking of local, you will notice many Greek people eat here, an excellent guide to the quality of food.


Meet your highest expectations in authentic Greek and Cretan cuisine beyond the usual tourist stuff. Almyriki restaurant is found under the shadow of a windmill in an idyllic beachfront setting in Stavros, where the tables are all outside, offering great views of the sheltered bay, small harbour, and the mountain of Vardies. It claims the uniqueness and simplicity of top-notch seafood with first-class ingredients. Try the octopus salad and lobster ravioli. It is a beautiful place to eat either day or night. It’s worth fitting it into your holiday schedule.


It is located in Kounoupidiana on the main route (Leof. El. Venizelos road) going through Kounoupidiana from Chorafakia towards Chania town, 200m on the left before the crossroad traffic lights with parking on the right just before it. This restaurant is a traditional Greek restaurant, with a great choice of delicious food and good prices. They have a set menu of excellent value and includes a glass of wine, or with such a large selection of starters, we often have a range of starters, adding more if we’re still hungry.


It is a family-owned restaurant located further up from Bourakis at a corner, and its principal characteristic is the restaurant’s front yard, with the tables covered with vines full of green leaves, giving a nice shade during the day and a lovely green vibe. Mitsos BBQ is in the heart of Kounoupidiana and on the main road (Leof. El. Venizelos road) going towards Chania main town. This restaurant is a  traditional Greek charcoal grill house specializing in spit roast meat, beef, pork, lamb, and chicken. All its products are sourced locally, and they are always fresh.


It is located further up from Bourakis in the heart of Kounoupidiana and on the main road (Leof. El. Venizelos road) towards Chania’s main town. This restaurant is a traditional Greek grill house with a great choice of delicious food for meat lovers and vegetarians. The stuffed zucchini flowers and gemista are fantastic. Still, you can get a wide range of predominantly excellent quality meat dishes ranging from simple but delicious gyros to a good selection of BBQ meats grilled over an open charcoal pit, giving it that great authentic taste. This is one of the places Greeks go to eat because there’s no real tourist traffic. Menus in English are always available. Prices are very reasonable, and the quantities are massive. The service and staff are excellent.


It is further up from Gourounakia restaurant at Kounoupidiana and right next to Chalkiadakis Supermarket on the main road towards Chania main town. This is the place to be if you fancy a crepe or waffle. Their crepes and waffles are unique, and you can choose toppings of different flavours and kinds of sweet or salty. Their burgers are also delicious and probably the best burgers in Akrotiri.

KOUKOUVAYA café (Owl café)


The magnificent views from Koukouvayia Café overlooking Chania Port from afar are astonishing. It is located at the top of Profitis Ilias Hill behind Venizelos monuments and Profitis Ilias little church. This Café/restaurant/bar is known for its deserts and sunsets. They are known for the Chocolate Cake ‘zoumero’ and their cheesecake, but they also make a good selection of lunchables. The pitta bread is excellent, and so are the sandwiches.  It gets busy, so prepare to wait for a good place to sit, but it’s worth the trip. Water is provided throughout your stay, and the staff are very attentive. A good ratio is one dessert between 2 people. Chilled vibes and good coffee make it a good place to visit.

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